Effective & Environmentally Friendly Bee Removal

If you’re in need of bee removal services in Newcastle then look no further than Greenway Integrated Pest Management. We are a business local to the North East and have a team of highly experienced bee removal experts who are trained to safely rid your property of bee nests, hives, and swarms. For eco-friendly solutions at a cost-effective price be sure to contact us today!

Environmentally Conscious Bee Removal in Newcastle upon Tyne

Honey bees and bumblebees are an essential part of our ecosystem, and that’s why our local bee removal specialists in Newcastle are dedicated to providing a service that both ensures your comfort as well as that of the bees’.

Whether you’re troubled by a bee colony on your domestic or commercial property, Greenway IPM are here to help. Our experts have, develop an innovative bumble bee removal solution that protects the bees by allowing the nest to complete its life cycle in a safe area and produce next year's queens and therefore protect our planet.

Bees are excellent pollinators and their numbers have been affected by a variety of factors from . To make sure we have no negative environmental impact when carrying out bee removal in and around the North East we use bespoke wooden bumble bee boxes that are especially designed for bumble bee colonies. Our team of qualified specialists firstly locates the bee nest, before positioning the colony into the box, afterwards then rehousing the bees in a safe space. This repositioning technique minimises any potential harm or disruption to the nest.

If you find you have a swarm of honey bees that have taken up residence in your home these can also be removed and relocated. Our team of experts can inspect property voids to locate the honey bee colony and come up with a plan to remove it while minimising damage to the building fabric. Relocated honey bee colonies can then go on carrying out their important work pollinating plants and trees.

Low-Cost Bee Removal in Newcastle upon Tyne

As passionately as we at Greenway IPM feel about helping the environment we likewise understand that you shouldn’t have to break the bank to use eco-friendly services such as ours. This is why we guarantee that our bee removal service in Newcastle comes at an industry-leading low cost. Need reassurance as to our standard of quality and value for money? Take a look at our consistent 5 star reviews.

To further support our claims of commitment to environmentally friendly bee removal solutions Greenway IPM hosts an event we call The Great British Bee Swap which serves to relocate bumblebees in unwelcome gardens to welcoming ones. If this interests you and you’re all for helping the environment towards a greener future then be sure to check it out!

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If you require bee removal in Newcastle or a surrounding area then don’t look beyond Greenway IPM. You can contact us either by telephone at 0191 406 2400 (free call out), email at info@greenwayipm.co.uk, or by filling out our contact form below.

Once you’ve got in touch you can be sure of a quick response time and details on a cost-effective solution that gives you comprehensive, environmentally guilt-free results.

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