Reliable bird removal, proofing and cleaning services in Cramlington.

No matter where you live, birds can become a pest. For bird removal, proofing and cleaning services, get in touch with Greenway Integrated Pest Management Ltd. We cover Cramlington and the North East.

Don't let the birds disturb your peace.

Whether it's seagulls on the coast, pigeons in the town or city, or starlings and other bird species in the countryside, their noise and fouling can be a nuisance, especially if the local population continues to grow.

If you're looking for effective and humane bird removal services in Cramlington and the surrounding areas, get in touch with Greenway Integrated Pest Management Ltd.

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Bird Control

Methods employed for bird removal.

Methods employed for bird removal include spikes, net and wire systems, post and wire systems, fire gel systems and bird nest clearance. There are many different methods for controlling pest birds but the best solution is to adequately proof the affected area. This will deter the birds from your property, as they will be denied nesting sites and roosts.

Environmentally Conscious

Efficient & responsible exterminators.

Here at Greenway IPM, we know there are many other ways we can reduce our environmental impact apart from just reducing chemical usage. We use electronic invoicing to reduce paper waste and even our business cards are made from recycled paper.

Free Call-Out

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If you notice signs of rats or insects, then get in touch with us. We will visit your site and carry out a thorough inspection. If your house or office is infested, then we'll help you get rid of the pests. In addition, we will help you alter the environment and proof the building to avoid any future infestation. To learn more about our services, get in touch with our team.

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