Fleas on your pet spot on flea treatments won’t guarantee a flea free home

So your pet has fleas? What next? You’ll probably go to the supermarket or pet shop and buy a spot on flea treatment, or go to a vet who will provide a similar treatment. You take your pet home and no more fleas… right? Wrong! Fleas don’t live on the animal. Fleas hop on the animal, feed and then hop off again and go hide somewhere safe. They need their own mini microclimate do that they don’t desiccate (dry out). They are generally found on carpeted areas where they can tuck in where the floor hits the skirting board or under furniture where it is dark and cool. A spot on flea treatment will kill fleas on your pet. It won’t clear the house of fleas. Of course, if you catch the problem early on and there are very few fleas present it may work, but don’t bank on it.

An effective flea treatment means that you have to treat the whole house. Nothing else with guarantee that your pet wont just ‘get fleas’ aka start scratching again as soon as the spot on treatment wears off. The fleas were always present, the spot on treatment was just keeping them at bay on your pet. An effective treatment for fleas involves a spot on treatment, yes, but combined with two whole house floor sprays with an effective insecticide. You need two treatments because the chemical wont kill the eggs. You need to give the house a good hoover, have the house sprayed once, not hoover for two weeks (so many parents with young children have looked at me aghast when I tell them this) and then hoover again after two weeks, followed by a second floor spray after any eggs have hatched out and no hovering again for two weeks. If you do this you should be pest free.

At Greenway Integrated Pest Management LTD, we’re so confident in this treatment pattern that if you aren’t flea free after two treatments coupled with a spot on treatment on your pets we’ll guarantee the work and any additional sprays will be free. You have to make sure to hoover all areas and leave all floor spaces clear when we treat but if you follow our guidelines, yes, the work is guaranteed….. except for on timber floors with a void underneath but that’s a different story.

And anyway, who wouldn’t want to be flea free as soon as possible? Unless of course your intention is to set up a travelling circus…

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