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Top Pests in Commercial Businesses & Premises

What pests are you likely to have to defend your business from?

It is useful to know what you need to defend your business from and how to do so. Without proper pest control in commercial businesses and premises, pests can cause lots of costly damage. 

Keep reading to get a definitive list of the top pests that cause damage to commercial businesses, especially in the North East of England. 

What are the most common pests?


Birds are a major pest to commercial businesses in the North East. If they are able to perch around your business, then it comes with some unwanted effects. 

Their excrement (guano) is unsightly and can carry disease. It is also a fall hazard if guano is allowed to accumulate. Once birds find a nesting location on your site the flock size will grow and exacerbate any pre existing issues.

Birds can be hard to get rid of yourself. Other than precautions such as making sure you do not leave food out and keeping bin lids closed, there is not much you can do without professional help. 

Some birds also have legal protection, so it is best to call in an expert. 

Greenway can assist your commercial business; we specialise in seagulls, pigeons, house sparrows, and bird nests.


Rodents are a pest the world over. The term ‘rodents’ includes all rat and mouse species. They often signal to the outside world that a business is kept in a poor state. Rodents symbolise filth and disease. You do not want your business to be viewed that way. Some businesses never recover from a tarred reputation. The knowledge that your business has a rodent infestation can drive away staff and customers alike and this can all have a negative impact on your business’s finances. 

Commercial businesses and premises are the perfect environment for rodents because they are warm, have a good stock of food and water, food debris, and plenty of places to nest. 

Large and Small Flies

Flies are a pest because they are both a nuisance and dangerous. Flies easily multiply and can overwhelm a business. It leaves a lasting impact on customers if they are less focused on the product and more on swatting flies away. Flies are also not confined to the outside spaces and can easily make their way inside a premise. 

Flies are not harmless; they are known carriers of disease. They are hazardous to food preparation areas and even your employees eating lunch. This affects peoples’ health and could escalate as much as to affect your business’s image and finances. This risk makes it critical for a commercial business to invest in pest control. 

Small habits that should be written up as formal procedures for the staff can help minimise flies being attracted to your premises. 


Insects can reproduce quickly, and before long, you can find them in every crevice. For example, ants can notoriously overrun an area once a food supply is secured. This is because they can chemically signal to the rest of their nest where food can be found. You do not want this place to be inside your business.

Again, easy preventative action can be taken to curtail insects at your business. These are actions such as cleaning the surfaces after every use to make sure no sweet or sticky substance is left behind or wrapping up and putting away any leftover food so there is nothing for insects to feed on. If nothing is done, then professional pest control will need to come in and deal with the problem. This can mean your business has to be shut down for a period of time, resulting in a potential loss of revenue. 

Why do businesses have to be wary of pests?

• Poor image to potential customers

• Hazardous to health

• Shuts down businesses for long periods of time

• Drives away potential customers

• Negatively impacts finances

Greenway can help you with any preventative action or with any issue your business is currently facing. Not only are we an award-winning business, but we carry out our jobs with a low impact on the environment. Most pest control involves many harsh chemicals being used. However, Greenway has won an award for Low Environmental Impact. So, your business can be assured that any pest control they need can be completed in a way that is better for the planet. Get in touch with us today to start taking action.

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