Greenway IPM’s Expert Solutions for Pest Problems in Tynemouth

Here at Greenway IPM we pride ourselves on our use of innovative, industry-leading equipment to solve your pest problems. We are local to the North East and are dedicated to providing you with long-lasting and environmentally friendly pest control solutions, all at a cost-effective price.

Eco-friendly Pest Control & Property Care

We understand how alarming and problematic signs of a rodent infestation can be, from insulation and wiring damage to disease transmission. Yet we also understand that common rodenticides contain chemicals which can be harmful to the environment and relying on rodenticides as a form of control does not fix the problem in the long term.

People are becoming more aware of the environmental cost of many things that we do in life and pest control is no different. We have used our wealth of experience and expertise to develop methods which ensure both domestic and commercial rodents are dealt with ethically and effectively. We promise to provide a rodent control service which tackles the root cause of the issue within your property so that the unwanted visitors won’t return and neither give cause for the use of environmentally harmful products.

In cases when our pest control experts in Tynemouth do have to use rodenticide poison then they will always abide by the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) code of best practice. Moreover, we will advise you on preventative measures to take in the future and carry out necessary proofing work for your property.

Long-term & Sustainable Insect Control in Tynemouth

Sometimes insects can be just as troublesome as rodents, and so our pest control professionals in Tynemouth are also trained to deal with ants, wasps, and other insects from both homes and businesses. Just like for our rodent control service we use innovative and industry-leading equipment and technology for long-lasting results at a low cost.

We are fully equipped to handle issues such as wasps’ nests and ant infestations. We likewise cover any problems that may require the use of fumigation to get you feeling safe and secure again.

We conduct free case-specific assessments which consider the property and the range of appropriate solutions involved to arrive at both a cost-effective and environmentally conscious decision.

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