Effective & Local Rodent Control in Washington

Worried by signs of rodents on your property? We at Greenway Integrated Pest Management are a locally based company dedicated to providing rodent control services in Washington and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on using innovative methods to give you long-term and environmentally conscious results.

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Our experience has allowed us to develop rodent control techniques that comprehensively rid your property of rats and mice, all while minimising our environmental impact and keeping the cost low. We are local to the North East and, as a result, know the Washington area and the common rodent problems affecting it very well.

Greenway IPM’s team of rodent control experts are fully trained and equipped to handle any domestic rodent issue you may have, whether it be occasional appearances or full-blown infestations. We use specialised, industry-leading technology which ensures that the rats and/or mice are dealt with effectively and humanely.

Part of our environmentally friendly approach includes inspecting the property for the root cause of rodent appearances before putting preventative measures in place, such as carrying out proofing work. This guarantees permanent results, meaning that your property won’t suffer from reappearances in the future.

Eco-Friendly Rodent Control in Washington

Greenway IPM’s ethos is one that works towards a greener future for the planet, that’s why our rodent control professionals in Washington always employ ethical and environmentally conscious procedures.

Often simply making sure that rodents can’t enter a property and eliminating the reason for their wanting to enter is the best solution. This is why we strictly avoid the use of chemically-based and poisonous rodenticides as these are unnecessarily harmful and generally ineffective. In the unlikely case that our team has to use rodenticides as a last resort, then these are always handled with the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) code of best practice in mind.

If you’d like to learn more on rodent control or general pest control then our FAQ page and blog are full of useful information and advice on these topics. And do remember that our pest control service in Washington also covers birds and insects.

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If you’re in need of our rodent control services in Washington or a surrounding area then don’t hesitate to get in touch by either calling us at 0191 406 2400 (free call out), emailing us at info@greenwayipm.co.uk, or by filling out our contact form below. Once you’ve contacted us we’ll waste no time in giving you the details on a cost-effective and sustainable solution for long-lasting results.

Rodent Control

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Not many people want to share their home with rodents. They can damage property and spread disease. Moles can ruin the best kept lawns. If you have a problem, we have the solution.

Environmentally Conscious

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Here at Greenway IPM, we know there are many other ways we can reduce our environmental impact apart from just reducing chemical usage. We use electronic invoicing to reduce paper waste and even our business cards are made from recycled paper.

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If you notice signs of rats or insects, then get in touch with us. We will visit your site and carry out a thorough inspection. If your house or office is infested, then we'll help you get rid of the pests. In addition, we will help you alter the environment and proof the building to avoid any future infestation. To learn more about our services, get in touch with our team.

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